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Kerala Adventure Tourism

The amazing Western Ghats, its natural and pristine forests, the exquisite flora and fauna that eke out a living there; all of these attract millions of visitors to the blessed soil of Kerala to spend some calm time enjoying Kerala holidaysThough Kerala might not flaunt to be so adventurous on the outside, there are plenty of opportunities here that an adventure-lover can indulge in to add a bit of thrill and escapade into an otherwise calm Kerala tour package.

Take a look at some the activities that you can add to your kerala holiday to make it more thrilling and adrenaline-driven

Mountain Climbing

There is nothing more fun and thrilling than climbing uphill. If you happen to be a person who loves mountains, then this one is perfectly dedicated to you. Though there are many mountains that you can climb, the best one of all the mountains which is really thrilling to climb is the Chembra Peak of Wayanad. The climbing is really demanding and it would take a complete day to reach uphill. The view uphill is well worth your effort and the mesmerizing and chilling mist is a sheer feeling that is really worth experiencing

Living in a Tree-House

This is another interesting activity that you can enjoy on your Kerala tour package Spending some time on any tree-house is really invigorating. One of the best rewards of waiting patiently on a tree-house is that you can observe wild animals in live action. Animals such as elephants, tigers, deer, leopards, wild boar, bears etc can walk beneath your tree-house looking for preys. While enjoying the wildlife, you can also experience many uncanny aspects of the forest life right in front of your eyes

Wildlife Safari

Observing wildlife from a tree-house may not sound so thrilling, but going into the forest where elephants, tigers, leopards and other wild animals freely graze can sound way more than thrilling and adventurous. Understanding the dense forests and the exquisite flora and fauna can be an awakening call for you to understand the importance of preserving the nature and protecting her


Trekking is another adventure activity that you can indulge in. Walking along the rugged roads across forests exploring a new world hidden in the mighty Western Ghats can be truly awesome and thrilling. Local people and guides can help you go places that no other travelers might have been to

Canoeing and Kayaking

Though not so popular in Kerala, this adventure activity is slowly gaining popularity here. There are many kerala holiday packages that offer different canoeing and kayaking options that travelers can choose from. A kayak tour can easily help a traveler understand the scintillating beauty of the backwaters and inland waterways of Kerala really close.

Bamboo Rafting along the Rivers

Exclusively available at Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady and Wayanad the Bamboo rafting is a mind-blowing experience. Enjoying the beauty of the wildlife on a bamboo raft can never be described. Being the one-of-a-kind eco-tourism adventure activity, the popularity of the same among tourists has grown in the last couple of years. Travelling into the dense and untouched forests while observing the freely-grazing arboreal wildlife can enthrall you beyond imagination and will make you want to come back over and over again

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