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Destinations in Athirapally

The Athirapally fall is one of the most popular tourist destinations and it is one of the favorite picnic spot for the locals and the tourists. The magnificent Athirapally fall is most enchanting and beautiful during autumn season that is., in the month of June to October. The water of this cascade flows the entire year and is never dry, but it is most spectacular during the monsoon.

Athirapally and Vazhachal Waterfalls

Lies in Kerala's Sholayar Region among Athirapally Forests, Athirapally Falls are packed with biodiversity and exotic flora and fauna. It's been also the house of several movie shootings which is the main reason to raise the flow of tourists. Since it is a waterfall, obviously monsoon is the best time to visit here when it becomes even denser.

Athirapally falls is situated around 78 kilometers from Kochi. It is located exactly at the entrance of Sholayar ranges. The height of Athirapally falls is around 80 feet and it is near a forest region, which adds enchantment to the place. After plummeting from the height of 80 feet, the fall joins the beautiful River Chalakkudy.