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Beaches in Kerala

Beaches are always a great addition to the tourist attraction of any place. The overwhelming and mesmerizing beauty of sunrises and sunsets with colorful horizons and dawns present limitless opportunities to treasure each moment in close canvases of life and love. As the case is, for a state that has the longest coastal area like Kerala, beaches are more than for entertainment. The best part of ,Kerala holidays often referred to by numerous international travelers, is the beaches here that are safe and beautiful

Spending sometime on the shore a great beach in Kerala is one of the sure things on the to-do list when you avail a kerala tour package On your way to enjoy kerala holidays, you can decide to visit some of the following beaches in Kerala, if not all the beaches

Kovalam Beach

This could be the only beach in Kerala that needs no introduction whatsoever. The most preferred and visited beach by foreigners, Kovalam beach touts great style and international standards in its operating and maintenance. The beach consists of three different yet conjoined beaches, the Samudra Beach, the Hawah Beach and Lighthouse Beach. All the three beaches have its distinct and unique characteristics that attract people to all these beaches. Blanketed wonderfully by the typical black sand and fringed with lean coconut trees all along the other side, the beaches make the best place to enjoy oneself during any kerala holidays.

Fort Kochi Beach

Located at Ernakulam district of Kerala, Fort Kochi is a township that was discovered by the Europeans in pre-independent days of the country. Hitherto, the place was a common fishermen town that later on constantly went through westernization in the hands of the Portuguese, then the Dutch and at the end the British. Many historical signs and relicts that belong to the Portuguese, Dutch and British have been recovered from the town and displayed in various museums in Kochi

For a person who wants to explore the beauty of the beach, walking is the best way to experience the beach in its fullest beauty and elegance. The surrounding place of the beach is endowed with colonial forts, monuments and western style building including church. Chinese fishnets raised on bamboo poles are also a great attraction for people at the beach.

Kappad Beach

The relation of the past and present of India with the beach of Kappad is one of great significance for the people of the country and the historians across the world. Vasco Da Gama came to India through a beach that noted the European invasion in the Indian subcontinent. Apart from this historical significance, the beach is an excellent place to hang out when you enjoy a wonderful kerala tour package The adjacent backwaters of Korappuzha River are one of the excellent ways to reach the beach. The sunrise and the sunset of the beach are praised by all the visitors of the place and it is said to the one of the best beaches in the world to see sunrise and sunset.

These are the best beaches that you need to make sure not to miss while you are having a great time on a Kerala holiday Not visiting these beaches can leave you missing the best part of Kerala tourism and culture.

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