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Customs and Traditions of Kerala

Kerala is a state that has numerous customs that differ from place to place. Understanding their cultural and social significance can be very much daunting for a person who visits the state on a brief Kerala holidays trip. It would be astute to say that the culture of Kerala blends the best elements of their rich heritage and wonderful elements of a typical modern society. Even then, the basic conduct of a local person is very conservative, yet very much welcoming and open.

Customs and traditions associated with festivals in Kerala

If would be surprising to say that the customs and traditions of the people of Kerala are closely bound with the native festivals of the place. The festivals are scattered throughout the year and for a tourist to the state on a short Kerala tour package may not have the time to feel and experience the same in all its joie de vivre. Kerala celebrates numerous local festivals unique only a particular place of the state. While there are many feasts that are celebrated by everyone in the state, others are specific to a community or region

Onam is celebrated by all the people in Kerala irrespective of the religion they belong to even though the story behind the feast is based in Hindu mythology. It is one of the customs during Onam to draw intricate floral designs for ten consecutive days. Rhythmic and loud shouts in chorus called "AarppuVili", the hunter game called the "Pulikkali", and jovial songs are all part of excellent Onam customs to note

Vishu is another feast by the people who follow the Hindu tradition. Vishukkani is an important ritual of the feast where many items such as vegetables, cash, gold, along with traditionally lit lamps and imageries of gods are arranged to seen as the first thing on the Vishu day. It is believed that doing so can bring great prosperity through the following year

Christmas and Easter are celebrated by the Catholics here along with many other regional celebrations associated with numerous saints. Apart from the normally followed customs of the Church there are many other region-specific customs among the Catholics here. One can also observe that the Catholic rituals and customs have blended with the native culture of the state here making them one-of-a-kind. Planning a wonderful Kerala tour package can give traveler wonderful opportunities to understand and feel all it very much and understand very closely.

Eid-Ul-Fitr, Muharram, Eid al-Adh are some of the festivals celebrated by the people of Muslim community here. Apart from this there are many other local customs and rituals that the Muslim community observes and follows here.

One of the best opportunities to understand various customs of the place is to attend marriages in Kerala. One can observe interesting and surprising customs and rituals during a marriage here. Depending upon the places, these can vary and be very interesting.

Since religion and culture are very much a part of the normal daily lives of the people here, almost all the rituals and customs that people of Kerala observe are connected closely and are based on various religious myths and beliefs.

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