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Handicrafts in Kerala

The culture in Kerala cannot be separated from art and handicrafts that one can find here. If one looks down the history of Kerala, art forms and handicrafts become a part and parcel of the lives of the people of Kerala. For a traveler on a Kerala holiday packagethe handicrafts here are great souvenirs that people can take back home as token of memory of a great Kerala holidaythat they have spent here. Find some of the most exquisite handicrafts that a traveler can buy and take home during his Kerala holidays

Aaranmula Mirror

It is a mirror type that is made ingeniously without using glass as the primary material for the mirror. The material used to make the mirror is a metal-alloy and the metals that are used in the mirror are secret that is passed from one generation to another in a family in Kerala. Believed to bring good, the mirror is closely related and a testimonial of the local metallurgical knowledge of the people. It is surely one of the few items that a traveler never wants to miss to carry back home after enjoying a one the best Kerala holiday packages here

Coconut Shell Carvings

The relation between Kerala and Coconut trees is very much interesting. Kerala got its name from the native language that roughly translates as ‘the land of coconut trees'. So it should not surprise a tourist to find interesting and stunning carvings from coconut shells. You can find a great variety of coconut shell carvings such as coffee cups, snuff boxes, spoons, flower vases etc. and it is pretty sure that one can never leave the place without purchasing one to take back home

Horn Carvings

Practiced by persons belonging to the Vishwakarama community, horn carvings have been associated with Kerala from pre-historical times. These artisans are highly skilled in carving interesting and beautiful item from horns such as animals, birds, vases, flowers that will intrigue with their intrinsic carving patterns and styles. It is definitely worth buying as a gift for someone who loves artistic items from another country

Coir Products

This is another interesting handicraft item that a traveler does not want to miss to buy. Made from the husk of coconuts, the coir is used to make mats of different varieties that can add great beauty and charm to your home as a home furnishing item. Cheap and environment friendly, the coir mats are always a hot sale among tourists who love buying something different from others.

Hand-woven clothes

This is for the people who loves to buy indigenous clothes from the 'God's Own Country'. The beautiful and elegant 'Kasavu Sari; hand-woven by the people here is a favorite among women from not only the other parts of the country but also from abroad. Also, it is a priceless possession for its incredibly fine thread count and the intricate wide golden boarders that add elegant appeal to the people who wear it.Even when on a tight Kerala holidays schedule, a travel must find some time to enjoy the beauty and charm the handicrafts can add to the vacation. It is surely worth spending some time for

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