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Houseboats in Kerala

Ever since, houseboats have become one of the most sought after itineraries for Kerala tour packages, the face of Kerala tourism has changed beyond expectations.There are thousands of people coming to the land of natural beauty every year just to spend some quality time amidst pristine forests.Kerala has always attracted people with its natural made wonders that speak language of incredible beauty and attraction.. It may surprise a traveler to know that though Kerala has a wide plethora of jaw-dropping and stunning places to visit and experience, the number of people who come to spend Kerala holidays on a houseboat is more than overwhelming.

So what makes houseboats in Kerala so much preferable and one of the most chased after items in any Kerala tourism package? Let us take a look.

Houseboat tourism is all about backwaters

Houseboat tourism is all concentrated on the serene and beautiful backwaters of Kerala, which is a unique natural beauty that one can witnessed only in this part of the world. The backwaters of Kerala are comprised of numerous small rivers, lakes, lagoons, canals and inland water bodies. Of all the backwaters in Kerala, the most beautiful ones which are famous for houseboat tourism are Alleppey and Kumarakom. For this reason they are comparatively more expensive than other houseboats that one can find at other backwaters locations in Kerala, but they are definitely worth every single penny you are willing to pay.

Kumarakom houseboat tourism extravaganza

Kumarakom is exceptional with stunning backwaters due to its strategic location near the Vembanad Lake. Being touted as the best place for eco-tourism, Vembanad is a small township that presents splendid vacation opportunities for a yearning traveler. Hiring a houseboat and spending the time afloat the backwaters experiencing the immaculate beauty of the nearby places and incredible flora and fauna is a sheer moment of joy and happiness. One may not find a better place than a houseboat to spend the time in Kerala while they are around the backwaters.

The serene and calm Alleppey houseboat tourism

Affectionately called as the ‘Venice of the East’, a traveler in the first minute of arrival can understand that the name cannot get any better than that. The entwining canals, lakes and rivers make the place a grace to watch. Taking a round trip from Alleppey thorough the copious natural wonder of the village to Kuttanad would simply be the best journey a traveler can experience in Kerala or even across the globe for that matter.

Though these two places are preferred by people all around the world, other backwaters in Kerala never fail to impress travelers while enjoying Kerala holidays. Backwaters in Kochi and Kollam districts of Kerala also offer implausible backwater cruises that are sure to make tourist spellbound. The tourism industry would more than agree to the fact that houseboats have played a great role in etching Kerala as a popularly fantastic global tourist destination. A traveler who has spent some time in a Kerala houseboat would not opine otherwise either.

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