Kerala- The land of amazing beauty !

Only few destinations have that ideal proposition of featurescapable of satisfying the taste of all types of tourists. Kerala is doubtlessly one.

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Kerala Art

Kerala holiday packages let the tourists visit and enjoy diverse art performances in Kerala. These art forms are very famous and are also performed in other parts of the world by keralites. Kerala takes immense care in following up this intense art form from diminishing

The state is known for its martial as well as other mesmerizing art forms. Dance forms of Kerala are very tough and it requires huge level of practice. These art forms can be watched by tourists with special requests to include them in the exotic Kerala holiday packages

Kathakali is an enchanting dance form that really consumes much time with the makeup but it is worthy to perform and watch. The performer wears a face mask and painting. Kathakali is famous for the expressions of the dancer. This face painting lets the tourist concentrate on the facial expressions of the dancer. Ornaments and special clothing are designed for this dance form. Being the most famous art form of Kerala, including this in your kerala holiday packages would be great

The chendamelam is another famous form of art performed using wooden drum instruments that are made from materials found only in Kerala. This art form requires good skills, and special trainings are taken by the personnel performing chendamelam. Include the enthralling art form in Kerala packages to enjoy this feet tapping music with loved ones. These packages are designed at low cost and are budget friendly.

Kerala packages with inclusion of art forms make the stay very special and thus it attracts tourists from all over the world. With Kerala honeymoon packages, you can spend enough time to take a walk holding the hands of your better half and see the mural paintings of Kerala. Distinguishing art form of kerala,these paintings are sold at good price for the tourists to pick their favorite.Kerala is filled with backwaters and tall coconut trees, these coconut shells are used to make fine crafts Special trainings are taken by these craftsmen. These crafts have smooth finish and they serve as an ideal gift for uniqueness. Kerala takes pride in introducing these crafts to the world. Most of the tourists bag on these fine crafts with every visit. Choose Kerala holiday packages and pick peculiar gifts for your loved ones

Kerala honeymoon packages come with wide range of stay in villas and house boats other than formal hotel stay. These villas are very creative and are constructed in Kerala style. The furniture in villas are also very unique and strong; these are made in fine woods. Kerala is the best gateway to have fun with family members. Book the Kerala holiday package for the next summer or contact our team to inquire in detail.