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Only few destinations have that ideal proposition of featurescapable of satisfying the taste of all types of tourists. Kerala is doubtlessly one.

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Kerala Backwateres

For anyone seeking out to spend some quality time enjoying the quietude and tranquility of different tourist places in Kerala, the backwaters here is a true pleasure. Spanning across the land covering more than 560 miles consisting of five lakes, around 40 rivers and many other lagoons, canals as well as estuaries, the backwaters of Kerala is a blessing that adds to the beauty of this amazing tourist destination. For many longing travelers, backwaters here in Kerala is a mystery they would love to unravel. Of Kerala’s most sought after tourist attractions, backwaters occupies an important spot.

Intertwined and interconnected for unending distances, the backwaters are formed by the tangling lakes, rivers, waterways and inlets that run across the length and breadth of Kerala. Due to the immense variety and uniqueness, it can add to any holidays; all major Kerala holiday packages include backwaters as an important itinerary

Among the most visited backwaters destinations in Kerala, Kochi races past all other tourist places in Kerala. The city of Kochi offers many unique backwaters cruises that can make the experience there breathtaking and unrivaled. The beautiful and massive stretch of Vembanad Backwaters span over Kottayam, Alleppey and Ernakulam districts of Kerala. Of this stretch, the Coast of Kochi grabs the show with numerous islands associated with incredible bridges, ferries and roadways. These islands are naturally placed strategically to kill the roaring waves from the sea well before they could touch the backwaters giving the fabulous backwaters the characteristic serene and tranquil waters.

Among the beautiful pack of scintillating backwaters of Kerala, the most accessible and beautiful area is the Ashtamudi Lake, Kollam. Being touted as one of the biggest fresh-water lakes in Kerala, this enormous water-body is a must watch rivaling any hill-stations or tourist places in Kerala.

t is no wonder that the Ashtamudi Lake of the district of Kollam becomes an integral part of any carefully drafted Kerala holiday packages. With many waterways, navigable canals and river-ways, the lake connects itself to nearly all the places of South Kerala.

On the banks of the districts of Kannur and Kasargode, lies another wonderful backwater which can be found in almost every Kerala holiday packages. The backwaters in this region is a safe haven for many migratory birds and other exquisite flora and fauna. Though not completely taken advantage of, the backwaters is a favorite place to spend great quality time as part of any vacation packages in Kerala.

Though these constitute the major backwater clusters in Kerala, the state does not stop to surprise you with these. There are many other less-famous backwaters in Kerala that can awe you with its beauty and awesomeness

Backwaters of Kallai and Canoli in Kozhikode district is a great spot for safe boating. The Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary near by the backwaters in an excellent place for birdwatchers providing tremendous chance to see birds from different part of the world. Backwaters of Alumkadavu, Akkulam-Veli, Kumbalangi and Thiruvallam Lagoons are some other backwater spots that can be added to your holiday packages in Kerala