Kerala- The land of amazing beauty !

Only few destinations have that ideal proposition of featurescapable of satisfying the taste of all types of tourists. Kerala is doubtlessly one.

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Kerala Beach

Incredible Beaches, the Bliss of the Water-born God's Own Country

For a state, whose origin is a fabled legend of being raised from the mighty Arabian Sea, beaches are never an embellishment, but a part of its lifestyle and tradition and of course, a never-to-miss part of any Kerala holiday packages

The history, tradition, culture and the lives of the state is intriguingly entwined with sea and the beaches here. Lying majestically across the mighty Arabian Sea, the state has more than 1000 kilometers of Costal area and incredible beaches to its repertoire. Many of the beaches here are an integral part of the people looking to avail great Kerala holiday packages.

Though there are numerous beaches in Kerala, following are the ones any yearning traveler has to include in their must-visit tourist places in Kerala list


The not-so crowded Varkala beach has been constantly growing as one of the most important tourist places in Kerala that a traveler should never miss. Notably picturesque and beautiful, the beach offers incredible views of long stretching hills that peep onto the vastness of the imposing Arabian Sea, this is a view that is complete by itself and uniquely possessed by the beach of Varkala The splendid and colorful sundown here is a treat to the eyes and you may not find a better beach in Kerala than this to relax your mind and body to rejuvenate


If there is any beach in Kerala that could immerse you in pure action and thrill, this is just the spot. The most sought after and crowded beach of Kerala, Kovalam will sure surprise you. Of the all-important tourist places in Kerala, Kovalam is the most developed and hence, most famous beach in Kerala.

Kovalam beach witnesses highest number of people among all the famous beaches in Kerala as well. Kovalam beach is confluence of three main beaches and they are the Samudra, Hawah and the Lighthouse beach

As the beach keeps on attractingtourists in plenty, many resorts and hotels have started functioning here which different Kerala holiday packagesproviders include in their itineraries


Whispering the influence of the Portuguese and other European counterparts, this beach is one of the rarest places where you can experience the dazzling views of many European style churches, buildings and colonial forts.

The beach being one of the most admired tourist places in Kerala offers many fabulous views of Chinese fish nets and the only way to mesmerize yourself with the breathtaking views of the beach is to take a walk along the beach. The beach will never fail to amaze you with it sumptuousness.


The beach has become famous ever since the European sailor Vasco Da Gama set his foot on it. Apart from this historical significance, Kappad is a beautiful and elegant beach that attracts numerous visitors domestically and internationally.

Rocks that cover and obtrude into the sea is a great view which is peculiar to this beach. The beach lies beautifully between the mostly-calm Arabian Sea and the numerous coconut palms that line on the other end and undoubtedly, this beautiful view puts the beach as one of the most beautiful tourist places in Kerala

A visit to Kerala is incomplete if you do not visit these beaches, though there are numerous beaches such as Cherai Beach, Marari beach, Kollam beach, Snehatheeram beach, Alappuzha beach, Chavakkad beach, Kannur beach and Bekal beach These beaches are unique to itself and visiting them can surely add the anticipated excitement to your Kerala holiday package.