Kerala- The land of amazing beauty !

Only few destinations have that ideal proposition of featurescapable of satisfying the taste of all types of tourists. Kerala is doubtlessly one.

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Kerala Culture

Known as god’s own country, Kerala explicates vibrant beauty with scented plantations as well as a rich cultural tradition. Being one of the best destinations of Southern India, Kerala is famous for its music, art, festivals, dance and cuisines

Not to forget the people, who are soft at heart and welcome guests with much warmth. Indeed, the culture of Kerala takes the visitors on a sprawling ride of lush green valleys, scintillating atmosphere and exquisite Southern dishes

As an essential tourist destination, the tour operators in Kerala pays extensive attention towards developing tour packages suited for every type of customer expectations. Being an ideal honeymoon destination, Kerala has managed to win hearts with its marvelous viewpoints that takes a central part of honeymoon packages as well as the exclusive holiday packages Another point of attraction is that of Kerala’s culture that is rich and illuminates heritage essence.

The finest example of cultural manifestation lies in Boat race game, which exhibits vibrantly decorated boats and local teams racing. Another aspect of cultural brilliance lies in its exotic dance form called Kathakali that is famous for expressions and swift body movements. This exquisite dance form is performed with a mask on face and an attractively painted face. Indeed, Manipravalam is the music that adds a delicate charm to the dance performance. It is one of the major attractions of Kerala, which is included in the Kerala Holiday packages

Moving on from dancing art to the musical aspect of Kerala, ChendaMelam is the finest musical performances by the artists that make use of percussion instruments. It is so exciting that one gets to dance to its tunes. Representing Kerala’s cultural elegance, this musical art form is getting famous at a global level. Apart from this, SingariMelam is also an outstanding musical art form with special instruments that takes you close to Kerala’s art forms.

Kerala is the land of culture exhibited in every form; even that of cuisine. Making extensive use of coconut and rice in every delicacy, it presents a variety of dishes that includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes alike. Home to tastiest assortment of seafood, Kerala’s culinary art form is simply majestic. From cuisine, Kerala’s cultural significance expands its horizons to festivals.

As a part of Kerala honeymoon packages, the couple can take pleasure in experiencing vibrancy of the famous festival of Onam that is celebrated with much pomp. Representing rice harvesting season, it is fêted with prayers to Ayyappa God and Annapurna Goddess with music, dance and beautiful dress forms. Generally, the girls of Kerala wear customary white silk dress and sing their traditional songs