Kerala- The land of amazing beauty !

Only few destinations have that ideal proposition of featurescapable of satisfying the taste of all types of tourists. Kerala is doubtlessly one.

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Kerala Waterfalls

Kerala is a world renowned tourist place blessed with numerous waterfalls that add incredible beauty and character to Kerala. Western Ghats houses most of the amusing and luscious waterfalls in Kerala. The majority of waterfalls become very prominent during the monsoons. For anyone who wants to witness the beauty of these falls in its true opulence, availing a Kerala holiday package just after the monsoons would be perfect


It is a majestic waterfall in Kerala that needs no introduction to its beauty and surreal feel

One of the most celebrated and favored tourist places in Kerala, this waterfall has incredible prominence in the tourist map of the state for a very long time. Dropping down over the rocky slope from over 80 feet, the view of the falling water is a sure treat to anyone’s eyes.


Given birth by the river Challipuzha from the Western Ghats, the waterfall adds great beauty and charm further to the historic landscapes of Kozhikode.


Touted as the 40th highest waterfall of the country, the Kollam district of Kerala is the home of this waterfall. Literally translates to the “Milky Rivulet’ for the misty whitish water, Palaruvi is now one of the most visited tourist places in Kerala.

The journey to the waterfall through the rugged and rusty ways that trail through the dense forest will surely be cherished by everyone


One of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Kerala, Meenmutty offers a confluence of great beauty, adventure and serenity like no other tourist places in Kerala

One of the best things you can experience here, apart from the this captivating waterfall is the sun that the waterfall is able to present in its complete glory and this is unique to only Meenmutty.


Another succulent waterfall in Wayanad, Soochippara is situated at the middle of a dense forest.

One needs to trek over two kilometers via steep hillocks and rocks that make this spot a challenging place for trekking. The beautiful waterfall can be seen from the neighboring hills. Attracting thousands of people every year, Soochippara enlists itself as an upcoming important tourist places in Kerala.


Located just a far cry away from the town of Thodupuzha, Thomankutthu waterfall is for everyone who loves excellent viewing glory. Thomankutthu is surrounded by many natural built caves gifting unique character and ambience to the waterfall.

Ideally crafted to satisfy all the yearning travelers who love adventure in the midst of serene nature outfit, this is a place one cannot miss during their trip to Kerala.These are only some of the most famous and pursued after waterfall destinations in Kerala. There many less famous but beautiful waterfalls in Kerala like Nyayamakad waterfalls,

Cheeyappara&Valara waterfalls, Dhoni waterfalls, Perunthenaruvi waterfalls etc. which can definitely become an excellent part of your honeymoon packages in Kerala, for sure.