Kerala- The land of amazing beauty !

Only few destinations have that ideal proposition of featurescapable of satisfying the taste of all types of tourists. Kerala is doubtlessly one.

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Kerala Wildlife

One of the best souvenirs one can give her/his eyes, is the views of wildlife in its all freedom, might and yet jaw dropping beauty. Uniquely to its credits the wildlife of Kerala is a true feast to anyone who loves to be around the freely and majestically frolicking wildlife

It is no wonder that a large percentage of people who avail a Kerala holiday package do so because they want to enjoy the pristine wildlife of the God’s Own Country. Most of the famous tourist Places in Kerala are so as they are an incredible hub of great natural wonders and natural life

With over 11,125 sqkms of forest area, 3 wildlife sanctuaries and 5 National Parks, for a small state as it proudly is, Kerala is truly a wildlife wonder. The rusty and rugged forests of the magnificent Western Ghats draw millions of tourists every year to witness the flora and fauna that cohabit their natural haven with the local here.


One of the most flocked and favored tourist places in Kerala, this one is home to most endangered, rare and endemic species of flora and fauna. The statistics to its wildlife riches is really overwhelming. With over 35 species of exotic mammals, 1800 angiosperms (flowering plants), 143 different species of orchids,

171 distinct grass species and 265 species of birds, the sanctuary is a perfect piece of exotic wildlife that is seen through the mainland of Kerala. That is not all, teemed surprisingly with elephants, langurs, sambar, and stork, you can relish the moments you spend amidst the wonders of exotic wildlife.


Being home to leopards, sambars and gaurs, the sanctuary is one of the must visit tourist places in Kerala for its natural beauty and breathtaking views of green clad mountains and hillocks.

The sanctuary is dedicated to preserve and protect one of the highly endangered the Star Tortoise and the Grizzled Giant Squirrel which are on the verge of extinction. With the ever increasing importance of this sanctuary, the spot is considered to be declared as a World Heritage Site soon


Perhaps this is the less explored hub that houses the most exquisite species of plants and animals. Characterized by the thick deciduous forest, forest safari organized by the Department of Forest here is a great experience that can add immense adventure and send chills down your spines while enjoying your Kerala holiday package ceaselessly

Sights of elephants, tigers, wild dogs, foxes, civets and bears are very common here. Herds of wild animals crossing the NH-212 is a common sight here.. If one wants to enjoy wildlife in its complete valor and exquisiteness,adding this sanctuary as a part of your Kerala holiday package itinerary is a sure do thing.These are some of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala that one must not miss during their vacation to Kerala. Visiting these places will help a traveler experience a small part of Kerala’s wildlife, yet the best piece of the natural wonder the state is.