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Palaces in Kerala

Before democracy came into being in Kerala, the state was ruled by many kings. The mainland was divided into smaller kingdoms and mighty kings ruled their countries. This gave rise for many distinguished and traditionally styled palaces in Kerala, which are well preserved even today. The palaces and lives of the local people here cannot be seen as two separate entities. The invasions of the Europeans gave life to more palaces that blended European and traditional Kerala style. For a traveler who is passionate about the history of Kerala and building marvels in here, following are the palaces that must be visited during your Kerala holidays

Hill Palace, Thripunithura, Kochi

The Hill Palace, Thripunithura was taken into possession by the Govt. of Kerala in 1980 and it has been converted to the largest archeological museum in Kerala. The palace was built in the year of 1865 by the then Maharaja of Kochi. Blended with many traditional Kerala architectural styles, the building grandeur houses 49 buildings. Travelers who love Kerala culture and want to learn more about Kerala history always make it a point to visit Hill Palace while availing any Kerala tour packages.

Kowdiar Palace, Trivandrum

One of the most elegant and truly royal palaces of Kerala, this was constructed in 1915 by SreeMoolamThirunal of Travancore royal family. Even now, the royal family of Travancore lives there. One of the noteworthy features of the palace is its architecture. The palace is a massive architectural sumptuousness with 150 rooms. The entry to the palace is restricted

Bolgatty Palace

Located at the Queen of Arabia, Kochi, Bolgatty Palace lies majestically on an island of the same name. The Dutch built this beautiful palace with carved landscapes and gardens in 1744 to accommodate the then Dutch Malabar Governor. The glimpses of Dutch architectural grandeur can be seen on every details of the palace. After the rule of the Dutch, the palace was occupied by the British residents of Cochin. After India got independence from the British, the palace was converted to a heritage resort. Many entertainment activities are arranged here including Kathakali performance, now. The palace has grown into one of the most preferred tour itinerary item for people who are on Kerala holidays

Mattancherry Palace

Mattancherry palace is another palace in Kochi. It is said to have been built by the Portuguese Circa in 1555 as atonement for a nearby temple that had been plundered and the same was presented to the Raja of Kochi by the Portuguese. The palace was renovated and rebuilt by the Dutch in their traditional architectural style a century later and ever since, the palace began to be known as the Dutch Palace. The palace hosts some of the best mythological murals in India, which has become an amusement to the tourists thus making it a sure place to visit for many travelers when they are on any Kerala holidays

There are many other palaces in Kerala such as Laxmipuram Palace, ShakthanThampuran Palace, The Krishnapuram Palace, and Kanakakunnu Palace etc. While taking some time to visit these palaces you can mode deeply understand the past and royal culture of Kerala

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