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How to spend holidays in Kerala

While deciding to spend some great time in Kerala, planning the same can be overwhelming as Kerala provides a myriad of opportunities to choose from. During the tourism season, doing the planning work all by oneself can be really daunting for a person who has not much knowledge about the unique splendors that Kerala offers to a traveler. Let us not talk about the time, date and how to book a flight ticket. Though they are important, let me presume that you would already know that how things like that work

In the grand scale of things yet to come as a surprise to you in Kerala, they naturally take the backseat.

Places to watch in a Kerala holidays package

Kerala is famous for its copious natural beauty and the breathtaking waterfalls. Missing to visit and experience these natural grandeurs can spoil the entire fun of being in Kerala. Waterfalls such as Athirapally waterfalls in Thrissur, Meenmutty and Soochippara falls in Wayanad, Palaruvi waterfalls in Kollam and Thusharagiri in Calicut are the best waterfalls that combine incredible surroundings and beautiful waterfalls

Another awesome place to spend time in Kerala is afloat the backwaters of Kerala in a luxury houseboat in places like Alleppey, Kumarakom and Kochi. The backwaters may not interest you as it should in the beginning, but with every second that passes, as you start traverse yourself in the beauty of the nature around you, you are sure to see the magic all by yourself.

Hill stations in Kerala are a charm

The number of tourists flocking places like Munnar and Wayanad is a true testimonial for the surprises that the places offer to people. While one place beckons people with modern amenities raised among the natural beauty of the place, the other one offers unbelievable surprises of nature in all its pristine form and elegance. Though people may love these places for its weather and hill station status, they never fail to open the window to never-ending surprises in the form of greed-clad valleys, misty mountains and rocky rugged roads that will leave you awestruck as many mysteries of the places start to unwind

Activities in Kerala; never say good bye without trying them

Contrary to the popular belief among tourists that Kerala does not provide enough room for any activities for tourists who would love to add some adventure in their Kerala holidays, this will sure astonish you.The belief is not entirely true and it has been fed to tourists by people who have no idea about the opportunities that Kerala offers for adventure tourism. While the types of adventure that one can indulge in Kerala are different from what is practiced elsewhere, they are unique to Kerala itself. Trekking, Mountain climbing and wild safari are some of the most exciting activities that one can indulge in during any Kerala holidays.One of the most interesting and unique activity that anyone can indulge while in Kerala is bamboo rafting along the rivers that flow through dense forests of Kerala. It can be really exciting and thrilling for anyone who loves adventure.

So, spending time during a Kerala holiday is much more than just planning your itineraries alone.

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