Our Testimonials

The location we stayed at was fantastic and the service was really good. We never had to worry about anything at all during the entire vacation. The tour operator took care of everything and the arrangement was so perfect that we enjoyed our stay and vacation peacefully.I must say that they are professionals at what they do and really the best.

Kodukula Venkata, Gujarat

It was one of my friends who suggested to avail theservice from these guys. He had come to Kerala last year and he said these guys had helped a lot to make a great wonderful vacation in Kerala. Though I was quite skeptical about their service, they impressed me in the first five minutes of arriving at Kerala. They were punctual professional…

Raja Sekhar Barla, Jaipu

Any vacation is only as good as the tour operator is. This is something I have understood over the years. Though I have come to Kerala quite a few times before, I am happy to say that the holiday that was planned by these guys was the best one yet and I am really happy to have chosen them as my tour…

Vidya Sagar, Indoor

Being a traveler if you want to do smoothing different from what every other tourist would do, leave that to these guys. They would make your trip anexciting and thrilling one as they did with mine.Highly recommended for guys who want something extra than a regular vacation.

Sreepada Kalyan, Hyderabad

Though we wanted to have a wonderful Kerala vacation we did not have much idea on how to go about the vacation and make it an exciting one. But these people really helped us out. They suggested a lot of places and explained how different and unique each one of them was. We selected the ones we thought would be great to…

Devarakonda, Delhi

Having spend he last vacation in Malaysia, we wanted to do something different this year. We googled for some exciting vacation ideas and we got onto these people's website. As we read the services they provide and the feedback from their previous customers, we decided to go with them. And I must admit that our Kerala vacation could not have been better.

Kandala, Bhopal

When spoke to these people we had said that we wanted to get a houseboat for a reasonable price. They agreed to us. These people did a wonderful job by arranging an excellent houseboat journey on the backwaters of Kerala at a cost that was much lesser than a houseboat quoted from us when we approached them directly. These guys have good…

Ramanujam Raghu, Belgam

This was not the first time I have travelled to Kerala, I had come to Kerala couple of times before. This time, I had my family with me and I wanted to get everything arranged even before we got here. These people really helped me arrange everything superbly; from picking us from the Airport to dropping us back there for departure, they…

Maheswara Reddy, Akola

I am really happy that I chose these to people as my tour operator. I am a regular traveler and I am very well aware of the pitfalls that travelers have to face when they go to an unknown place. With these people in Kerala, the tour could not have gotten better and these people are professional and nice.

Sathish Narayanan, Maysoor

Being a traveler If you like being treated nicely, taken care superbly and talked to courteously, these guys are the best to select as you tour operator in Kerala. They would make an exciting vacation package for you I Kerala at a cost that is way affordable to everyone.

Nagaraju Gouda, Madivala