Our Testimonials

These people were referred to me by one of my friends who came to Kerala last year. He said these people really did give a great vacation package that was exciting, unique and affordable. Now this year, when I came, I have the same experience and feeling that he had. I would recommend these people to everyone who wants great service.

Sharu Nag, Jammu

Hi,, I am from Bangalore. Working in an itfirm. Our team planned a trip to kerala last November..just to chill. Relax and have a cool time. And it was fantastic experience with these people. They provided us with a nice traveller..awesome stays in star hotels..and we were overwhelmed by their nice treatment…they offered as packages of diferent cost and we chose a…

Archana G, Surath

Hi…my name is manesh…I recently had a trip with my family to munnar and wayand..this travels assisted us and thanks to god I chose them..and thanks to them for uplifting my image in the whole family

Balabharathi Kannegolla, Trichina

Hi…I am from Alappuzha..upeople..wherever u r frm..if u r planning any trips with ur friends ..family or co workers..u can depend them…they r reliable..providing awesome service..their packages are also cost flexible with lots of varying combinations 

Mithulesh Bandi, Surath

Hi I am a B.com student. lastoct we friends had a tour..they were the tour coordinators..we had a great time..their hotels, food, the traveller everything was fine (y)

Allen Reji, Kolkata

This travels provide awesome tour assistance.. I am really impressed by the whole deal.

Jibin Jacob, New Delhi

I recently hada family tour to wayand and the guide who assisted us.was really professional and friendly.the rooms they provided were neat,andclean..with ac, led tv..not only gudbed..but also bedsheets..for me their stay arrangement was first class..rest of all was also ok

Eaber, Sikkim

What made me write such a testimonial is that the distinctiveness of this tour package provider..i am now 32 and I had many trips last years..what made me impressed is how they stick to their schedule…we were not late to any sites more than 10 minutes or so..in the 2 day trip…

Sruthi, Kerala

Their transportation services may be the best. The bus we travelled was push back and the tv and speakers sound were clear. The ac was also superbly working. Also the drivers know the best restaurants near to every sites

Asha, Noida

Wholesome the experience was nice ipersonally recommend this travel and tour people as I had a good experience with them and am sure u too also have.

Abdul Manaf, Kerala