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Reasons to travel to kerala during the monsoon

While most people avoid availing a Kerala holiday package during the monsoon, for people who love the rains and want to do something different from what travelers normally do, get your backpack ready and avail a Kerala holiday package to enjoy the monsoon in all its true experience and beauty. Kerala easily is the state that receives huge amount of downpour from June to September due to monsoon from the Arabian Sea. The strategic position of the state between the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal with the mighty Western Ghats all play well to drench the state in never-ending rain for three consecutive months

Look at some of the interesting things that can make you wanting to take a Kerala holiday during the monsoon.

The ceaseless rain, day in and day out

Very peculiar and unique to Kerala is the nature of the rain. Unlike most other states of India, the rains here stay for hours and sometimes for days together. Places such as Lakkidi, Vythiri of Wayanad district normally observe rains for days. The beauty of the rain accompanied with thunder and lightning is an incredible view for any person who loves rain. The people of the state are so accustomed to the heavy rains; they live and conduct, as rains are always an integral part of their lives. Rightly so, as the most electricity produced in the state are from hydroelectric power projects

Onam, the festival that comes during the rains

Though based on the Hindu mythology, Onam is celebrated by all people of the state irrespective of religion. The festival celebrates the return of the mighty and righteous King Mahabali to see his subjects. The festival lasts for 10 days during which, the people make intricate and beautiful floral carpets using flowers, buy new clothes, indulge in various indigenous games and activities to celebrate the return of their beloved king. The best part of the celebration is the elaborate multi-course banquet, which is eaten on banana leaves traditionally

All the fun of Onam and its cultural significance can only be savored if only person avails a kerala holiday package during the monsoon or it is simply missed.

Monsoon and Ayurveda; an intricate relationship

Monsoon is the most preferred time for any ayurvedic treatment. In ayurveda, the body is believed to receive the treatment in the best way possible during the monsoon and the treatment can yield better results during this time of the year. The atmosphere is more damp, clean and dustless during the monsoon due to the rains and the pores on the skin are open improving the receptive capacity of the body for any sort of herbal oils and massages

It is green everywhere

Kerala, generally is lush everywhere and it reaches its pinnacle during the monsoon. You can see green lush valleys, forests, paddy fields and plantations in their best forms during the monsoon receiving heavy downpour from the heavens.

It is a discount season too

As most people do not opt to go out on a tour during the monsoon, the tourism industry offers pretty discounts for anything and everything to lure customers. While it could be the best time to grab some of the costliest services during the season like houseboat cruise and enjoy the rains floating on the backwaters of Kerala observing rains for hours.

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